8 Ways To Store Your Bras

What does the inside of your lingerie drawer look like? Chances are that it doesn’t look like it’s supposed to; I’ve seen a lot of women’s cupboards and most of their lingerie drawers look like an explosion of lace. If you’re part of the population- which is a majority, let’s be honest- that has a drawer that looks like what I’m describing, this post is for you! When we’re going to a job interview, we want to look professional; for a night out, we want to get dressed up; and for a night in, it’s pajamas all the way. And unless you’re frequently going commando, underwear is a big foundation for all of those outfits. Before we get dressed in any kind of clothing, we’re reaching for our knickers and bras first. And that first step should be as easy as it possibly can be.

Now we all know how temperamental bras can be; not only do they do frustrating things while you’re wearing them, like  sliding down your shoulder as the most inopportune moments, digging into your skin without warning and leaving little ridges in their place, turning into a little mini pool of sweat whenever it’s hot out (breast sweat is really the worst) – but they are a pain to take care off when not on your body as well! Bras need to be stored and organized in a very specific way in order for them to stay intact and in shape. And with the amount that they cost, you really should be taking better care of them, i.e, not shoving them in your lingerie drawer where ever you find space. Molded bras are difficult to store, I can understand, and in our frustration we might just end up folding them, but that’s a big no! In doing so, you’re ensuring that you slowly destroy them. And there really is nothing worse than having a bra die before its time, especially if you could have done something to stop it. Therefore, in interest of our lace friends, we’re going to give you some tips on how to store your bras and panties, youu can thank us later.

  1. Get to cleaning: I know you’ve got a couple (or few) items in there that you haven’t really used in ages; a strapless bra that no longer fits you, a pair of panties that are ridiculously old, but also ridiculously comfortable. Yes those, get rid of them. Not only are they unhygienic, they’re also taking up valuable space. Unless they’re staples and you know you can’t do without them, toss them out. Sort through your things and reduce your collection to only the items you need, so you won’t have to deal with unwanted and unused panties in the future.
  2. Folding is key: Do NOT crumple your panties and throw them into the drawer. It might seem like folding them is a waste of time, but trust me, it’s really not. And yes, there actually is a way to fold them! It’s all about the one-two-three trick; take one side and fold it in, and do the same to the other side. Then fold the bottom in, and voila! Your underwear is folded. Sounds simple enough, convincing yourself that it’s the right thing to do is the hard part.
  3. Line ‘em up: Now for the bras; thankfully, they don’t need to be folded, and shouldn’t either. Shoving your bras in a drawer crumples them up, which can throw off the molding and even cause the underwire to get stuck in a position where it tears through the fabric. Save your bras by lining them up like you see them in the store. Not only does this protect them, but it also fits better and makes it easier to find the one you want.
  4. Rack ‘em: If you’ve got a lot of bras and not enough space to keep them all, you can explore other options. The problem is that different styles need to be stored differently, and a DIY rack is a solution to this conundrum! Plus, your bras are going to look great when they’re on display like this.
  5. Hang ‘em: Don’t want to DIY anything? Simply hang your bras over the bar of one hanger using the gore in the middle. This probably won’t hold as many, you you’ll need a couple of hangers at least. This might make it a little hard to see what’s on the other side of the hanger that’s not facing you, but it’s the lazy woman’s easy solution!
  6. Side to side: Instead of lining them up in a vertical line, make it a horizontal one – that way you can see all the bras, and not just the ones in the front. A wide drawer, that is normally found in a chest of drawers, would be an ideal size for this.
  7. Get organised: Being organized is definitely easier when you have helpful organizational tools. These can be bought in stores/online, but you can also use items that are readily available in most homes! Whether it’s a cardboard box, an old shoe box, or even plastic containers, if you think it’s a good size for your lingerie and underwear, then it will probably work. Use however many you think would be best for your drawer/closet/cabinet.
  8. Sort them: With the help of the aforementioned organizing tools, you can sort your lingerie by type, use and color. The ones that get used most often- the blacks and the nudes- should ideally be up front, while the lacy and fancy ones, should be kept at the back. It makes it easy to reach out for them and put them back every day. You can do the same for your underwear! Separate them into type and use, and stick some post-its on there if you need to, and you’re good to go!
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