What happens when 5 women come together? Conversation of course! As a group of friends, we discussed everything, and I mean everything. If someone got in a fight, we’d be the first to know about it. If someone got a promotion, our group chat was a mix of praise and excited emojis. That’s just the way we worked.

During one of these many conversations, a certain statistic was brought up: 75-80% of the women who wear bras, wear the wrong size! We were shocked. How does a woman wear the wrong size every single day? As soon as we learned of this, we went about checking to see if we were included in that 80% and as it turns out, 3 of us were!

As we soon learnt, the reason for this varies amongst women; some are misinformed, some don’t even have the information and there are those that just don’t put in the effort. So we decided to do something about it and all the talking eventually led to the creation of Talking Bra! It is designed to be a space where women can find not only the information and products that they’re looking for, but also what they really need. If you have a bra related question, you can be sure to find it covered.

Lingerie is still a hush-hush topic in many parts of India, there are girls who wear bras simply because they are told to, never once questioning why or what they’re putting it on every day. Those girls that do have questions, are sometimes not given the answers that they require. A bra is such an essential part of our wardrobe and despite common belief, it’s not just a piece of cloth that keep your breasts in place, you need to be giving them the support that they require! So this space is for you, for all those unanswered questions and misinformed opinions, we’ll make sure that you get the support YOU deserve.