Big Boob Problems – 7 Annoying things that females with Big Boobs will relate to

Big Boobs women face a lot of daily troubles, some of which can be get rid off and for the others they have to be with it 🙂 Here’s a list of big boob problems you will totally relate to.

Big Boob Problems

1. Cleavage will never go away

No matter what, you will always have a cleavage to flaunt even when you don’t want. (For some it may sound like a blessing but for my other big boobies, it seems like a trouble sometimes)
Even a T-Shirt won’t hide it 😉

2. Tenderness before your Period

It feels like a bruise when you touch them during those days, Not a great feeling I know. Though medication helps but it is not that a big problem that you go for medication.

3. Seat Belts, ooooh!

This is a daily trouble you go through if you have those big melons inside your Tee. Though the seat belt is meant to protect you but it feels like a suffocating belt at that time for those biggies.

But I assure that you get a lot of free Men stares 😉

4. You can’t jump out of Joy, LoL

My sympathy with you but who said the only way to celebrate joy is to Jump. Enjoy those stares.

5. Sweating under Boobs

Though this problem hits almost every other female but my big boobs friends face this more often and intense as compared to others.

Are you the one who filled in the Amazon river?

6. Permanent marks on Shoulders

Your bra makes deep marks on your shoulder as they have to do a heavy duty stuff. You can avoid these marks by choosing the right bra, Go for the right size, right stuff and right make.

7. Hope Cross Bags go out of Fashion

Cross Bags are in fashion and busty women don’t enjoy them much which makes them uncomfortable.
There are a lot of other style bags are in vogue, go for them.

And lastly, don’t think about the big boobs troubles, You are blessed -Talk to a friend of yours who has very small boobs.

Happy Boobing!

Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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