6 Best Bra Brands Every Girl Should Know About

Let’s do an experiment:

Count the Bra Brands you have heard about, 1 – 2 – 3 yes go on Yes 4, go on, Stuck?
There are more than 110 Bra brands available in the market, crazy isn’t it?

In this piece, we will talk about some brands which have made their mark in the Market globally and are accepted due to the quality, style and of course the Brand.

1. Victoria’s Secret
The most popular bra brand in USA. Victoria’s secret is one of the biggest names in Beauty business. They are known for indirect branding rather direct.
Sexy, Stylish and Graceful is all what we can say.

2. Wonder Bra
Famous for their Push up underwired bras. Roots belong to UK.
A must have for females who are very sensitive about looks.

3. Chantelle
If you love gifts and Sales, Chantelle will never let you down. It is a french origin stuff, it will make everybody happy, be it small or big busts. Elegant is the word!

4. Agent Provocateur
If you are one of those who don’t look at the pocket while buying bras, this bra brand is for you. Provocative and Luxurious are the words!

5. Amante
Amante offers a wide variety of Bras, almost in all segments and styles. You can easily buy an Amante from your nearest bra store Or online.

6. Triumph
Triumph bras started their journey in 1886. Comfort, Economical and Choices are the words for Triumph bra brand.
Triumph stores are opened in major European cities. Engagement in Asia, particularly in India.

Hope this list helps you while selecting your new set of bras.
Happy Shopping!

Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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