Best lift and side support Bra

What is a Good Bra?

Several things . Proper fit, Quality construction, good design, are just a few things that  makes a good Bra. Proper fit is the most essential thing. It helps the bra fulfill its purpose of lift and support. Common complaints expressed by many women are related to discomfort like poking, pinching, chafing, backache etc. A proper fitting of bra overcomes all the above said complaints making it a necessity not an accessory.  Just checking the proper size on the label does not mean that it will fit properly, trying it on is important as well. A proper fit with a quality stitched bra can make a huge difference. The quality material gives better support, keeps the bra in shape for a long time making it last longer. The material of strap, hooks, and clasps decides how well your bra holds /lift up the breasts.

The most important component in a Good Bra is the, type of cut,  seams, support, and all these features decide the design and lift in a bra. The body type,  size of boobs and their shape decides which design suits a person best and is a proper fit. Mostly for women who have heavy set of boobs, big build up or wide set of boobs then side support and lift up bras works the best.

There are multiple types of bras which help in providing lift and side support to the breast.

Types of bras which provide the best lift and side support are-

Underwire Bras

Underwire Bras-  

A semi-circle wire is placed under the bra cups in underwire bras. Majority of women across the world prefer wearing the underwired bra for its capability to give the lift to the breast from under the breasts and sideways too. The added support  enhances bust line that gives attractive look ,perfect to give added support to breasts and enhances bustline. Underwire bras come in padded and non padded form. Both are available in the market by many brands. It goes well with any type of outfit western or ethnic.

Padded Bras

Padded Bras-

Padded bars are also a great solution to  lift the bust line. In a padded Bra the  cups contain padding, or pockets for padding. They add shape to the breasts.  Padded bras can resolve the problem of pointy nipples look which make you uncomfortable.  These bras give a lift to small boobs and add volume. They also provide good support and boost confidence. They are helpful For women with saggy breast  However, you should avoid using such bras on daily basis and should not wear a bra while sleeping.

Side Support Bras

Side Support Bras

Women with a big bust or heavyweight women have side bust too. To support the sides of bust and to give a fuller look, bra is designed in such a manner that it provides side support. It can be useful in solving unwanted boob woes too. These types of bras have sectioned cups, giving ample support and generally give a medium coverage.Side support bra comes with added side panels creating forward projection. Strongside wings give a secure fit, such that  the person wearing it doesn’t feel like there’s any unwanted stuff anywhere . With less coverage, this type of bra will gives a decent amount of cleavage and it helps in creating a sleek silhouette. These are not meant for everyone, it is meant for women who have the wide set of boobs and also useful in solving unwanted side bulges too.

Sports Bra

Sports Bra

These type of bras are meant majorly for sportswomen or when women do exercise, gym,  run or do yoga. Sports bra is designed to lift and support the breast while there is an excessive movement of breasts. and also helps in preventing the sagging of breasts. It is made for the purpose of active lifestyle to  keep the bust in shape.They are made from mesh fabrics which makes them breathable and good for skin too. Only consideration while buying a sports bra is the right size and style that suits your body type. These come in many types of cuts and fabric stretching ability. All you have to do is choose the right kind which suits your needs, type of activities you are involved in  and your body /skin type.

Push up Bras

Push up  Bras

A well designed Regular bra or Push up bra almost do the same job-  lifting the breast and providing cleavage. Push up Bra provides the lift to the breast without straps digging into the shoulders.. Push bra supports,  shapes the breasts and back in case of enlarged boobs. The right push up bra according to the size and body type can give your breasts a natural effect to  It helps to regain the natural shape of boobs due to support and lift provided by the push-up bra. These are also available in underwire style.

Regular bras

Regular  bras

These type of bras do not contain any wire underneath the cups. Regular brasare more comfortable and loose on boobs.  Everyone does not need an excessive lift or side support but some help is still required. Thus it is important to remember how much support your breasts needs when you shop for a bra. The bra should be well designed with quality material, but if it doesn’t fit well then it won’t solve the problem . Bras which do not properly support your boobs due to poor fit can cause back and shoulder pain. On the other hand, a non-wired bra is a  good option for longer hours and a person with small or medium build can easily wear both wired and non- wired bras.

Take great care in selecting your bra  type and its fit as that can make all the difference.People should choose everything they wear to  feel confident about themselves and to accentuate their best features and a good bra is where all the efforts start.

(Abrupt and repeated) High support bras such as underwired, push up or padded due to its tightness breast feels or air flow or under breast sweating have always been associated with breast cancer.Bras actually do not carry any such health risk as per scientific studies. All you have to do is just choose your fit & size carefully and make sure that you stay true to your breast shape. The answer to your right size and fit is subjective. Depends on your built. It is important to understand the body built to choose a bra pattern.

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