9 Bra Hacks For Smaller Breasts

Bra shopping for smaller breasts can be a right nightmare; from the slipping straps to the half-filled cups, you want to leave before you even get started! While we’re on the topic of smaller breasts, especially if discussing them is something you feel uncomfortable about, because you don’t conform to the ‘real women have curves ideal’, don’t! The size of your breasts isn’t something that is in your control and you should know that people will never be satisfied; so screw the haters! What you can control however, is the way you shop for your breasts and for all of you on the smaller side, who have questions, I hope this will give you answers!

bra that fits

  1. Get fitted!

Might seem like an obvious option, but it unfortunately isn’t one that is taken up very often. You should ideally be able to get your size checked in every lingerie store, but as our reality is different, you can do the next best thing and find a place where they offer this service! If you’re buying bras every six months- it’s recommended- you should get fitted just as often. There are a lot of things that can cause a woman’s size to fluctuate and a regular check is the best way to stay on top of it.

bra pastries

  1. Pasties might be uncomfortable, but they are your friend:

Going without a bra is probably the best thing about smaller breasts and it’s definitely something that you should be taking advantage of. If strapless bras are making you uncomfortable, and you can ditch the bra, opt for pasties! They’re especially great for outfits with plunging necklines.

  1. Demi-who?

Demi cups are a good option for women with smaller breasts because not only are they more comfortable, they also give you great cleavage!

  1. Material makes a difference:

Certain materials like lace can fit tighter than stretchy synthetic fabrics, so if you find a brand you love but it’s just a tad too big, try a style in a different fabric; rigid lace and embroidered bras can fit firmer, but some bra styles are also made from stretchy lace fabrics. A heavier lace will tend to fit a little more tightly and provide more support than a thinner lace with more stretch.

padded bra

  1. Try going up a cup size (and work a padded bra!)

Make sure you check the fit of the bra closely; it should be sitting comfortably on your body without any spillage over the cups. And while buying a padded bra will mean going up a cup size, that shouldn’t be a deterrent. Padded bras will not only ensure that your breasts are well covered but with certain styles- like the padded plunge- your breasts will occupy a more cenral position and you’ll rock a killer cleavage.

bra space gap

  1. Too much space? Try a different style!

If you’re getting that annoying gap between the top of your cup and boob, it could mean a few things; most likely, either your cup is too small or the band is too big. If a bra is heavily padded, you will need to ensure it is a firm fit at sides and back to prevent the padded cup standing away from your breasts. Explore different styles and see what works best for you, and remember not to limit yourself to something because that’s what you’re comfortable with!

  1. Online Shopping!

If you’re on the extremely small side, you’ve probably experienced a certain amount of difficulty while shopping. A lot of lingerie stores do not carry the smallest sizes, but not to worry! You have several options online. Plus you have the added benefit of shopping in your pyjamas, what more do you want?

sports bra

  1. Yes, you still need a sports bra

No matter how small you are, remember that your breasts are basically balls of fat on your body and could do with all the support possible, especially when they’re being flung in several different directions. So next time you think of forgoing the sports bra, don’t.

Basically, a well fitting bra should sit firmly but comfortably around the body; the underwires should lie flat against the rib cage, and contain the whole breast. The breast should be contained within the cup with no puckering or bulging in the cup fabric, so if you’ve found a style that accomplishes this, you’re good to go!

Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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