9 Bra Myths you must stop believing

In this age of Internet, anybody and everybody is free to put his or her views online and some stuff out of this gets to a level where people start believing them to be true. We are going to debunk those bra myths today.

Some myths have been pushed by our previous generations which are baseless and hold no relevance but we are forced to believe them out of respect and fear.

Here, we will talk about some myths which are considered to be true but are B.S. actually.

1. Not wearing Bras will ruin your Breasts

This is a piece of crap that has been put into our minds by our earlier generations. Studies have revealed that you need to be without your bra at-least for a couple of hours a day for proper blood circulation.

There are no evidences found till now which can show that not wearing a bra cause any harm to breast.
So, let’s stay away from this myth and you should set your birds free for some time everyday.

2. Band size is less important than Cup Size

The most important part of the bra is the Band. Underwires, cups or the Straps comes second. That is why it is important to measure your bust size before you buy a bra.

3. A Bra can last for 2 years

Let’s get this straight, Life of a regularly used bra is 7-9 months. Though it is not a mandatory case, but you should evaluate your bra every 6 months.

4. Wearing the same bra for 2 days in a row if fine

Please NO. Switch your bra everyday, give your bra 24 rest after use. We don’t say it, Experts do!

5. Washing your bra once a week is fine.

It is about personal hygiene people. Breasts sweat a lot, So, it is better to wash your bra timely. Hand wash is the best option but still if you are short of time, Go for a machine wash but on gentle mode and air dry it.
Say no to Dryers.

6. Light colored bra is invisible

We want to say a big LoL to this myth.
If you really want to hide your bra, then go for a color that matches your skin. Anyways, why hide it? It is a part of your costume, Go Bold!

7. Boobs sag faster if your wear a Bra

Wait a minute. These myths are now contradicting themselves. There was a stupid french research which did spread this myth and people started believing it.
Go on and wear the right bra for you in style.

8. Average bra size is 34B

First of all, Let us tell you, 85% of women globally wear the wrong size Bra due to lack of proper knowledge. Though we don’t know from where this myth has come from but we guess this is generally spread by the retailers who procure this size in abundance based upon their instincts and to push their dead inventory they guide wrong.

9. Training Bras helps in growing breasts

Oh Please!
Your breast knows when to grow, in which proportion – They don’t need a guide.

All in all, We want to re-inforce that don’t believe these Bra myths because there are no evidences or basis to support these.

Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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