Bra Problems Faced By Women

We all have a love-hate relationship with our bras. Every woman loves to wear a sexy lacy bra. But the thing we love more is to take it off as soon as we reach home. Right kind of bra provides the necessary support, whereas the wrong one can be an absolute pain. If you have a pair of mammary glands that need constant containment, you’d totally get the following:

Comfortable Is Not Equal To Sexy

Every woman loves to wear an attractive lacy bra in a party or when they have to go on a date. But they forget that they are not that much comfortable. I don’t know why all the comfortable bras look plain ugly? We have yet to find a bra which is attractive as well as comfortable.

lingerie comfort

Love-Hate Relationship With The Transparent Strap

Transparent straps are ideal for wearing a strapless top or dress and can also be used as a halter or cross-back straps. But can you rely on these straps for everyday use? The answer is no because these straps would give up after hardly a day’s use. After which you will have to bear the torture of those elastic straps.

Bra Sweat

Bras twist and squeeze your boobs together, creating a perfect environment for sweat to build up. It’s pretty gross and can lead to harsh rashes on the skin. It’s very unhealthy and can lead to serious skin problems.

bra sweat

Unfairly Expensive

There are cheap bras out there, but their fabric quality is really low. You can buy them if you don’t mind the underwire stabbing you constantly. You will have to spend a pretty big chunk of your pocket money or your job paycheck on any quality bra. That’s really unfair.

expensive bra

Back Pain

Some women have a mindset that wearing a bra whole day is mandatory. The bra provides a perfect support to the breasts, but wearing it whole day has its own cons. Wearing a bra whole day can lead to some serious back issues.

Back Pain

Going Braless

It feels so amazing to unhook and finally take off the bra at the end of the hard day. The feeling can’t be expressed by words. It’s liberating, to say the least. It feels like the world around you has changed.

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