Under Breast Sweat Pads and Disposable Bra Liners

Men see women and can’t stop glaring at their boobs. They are more attracted to women with fuller boobs. It’s a fact that well-formed boobs make women look very attractive, their dresses look more elegant and lingerie more colorful and lacy. But only a woman with bigger bust, an active lifestyle or when the weather is hot and humid, can tell you how it feels when they have a sweaty bust and sticky bras.

Women had been dealing with this issue across the globe since ages and came up with some home remedies and makeshift arrangements to deal with sweaty boobs. But first of all, let’s talk about the problems caused by sweaty boobs –

Due to Excess breast perspiration the most common problem caused is  YEAST and Candida skin infections. Yeast and bacteria need a specific environment to grow – a lot of humidity and certain PH which makes the skin under the breasts as the perfect place to grow.

 Irritation and chafing are also caused due to under breast sweating. Women face this issue when the weather is hot or humid and wearing Bra aggravates them even more as a lot of sweat is accumulated and bra rubbing against the skin cause Chafing, irritation etc.

How to deal with this issue??

Disposable Bra liners -Latest and the most specific solution- it is made from Nonwoven absorbable fabric. They absorb the sweat and keep your skin fresh.

Key features of Disposable bra liners are-

  • ABSORBS SWEAT -–. The bra liner prevents skin irritation, redness and rashes as liner absorbs moisture. The liner absorbs the sweat and does not allow it to come in contact with the skin or with the bra. Doctors also recommend it if you have sensitive skin.
  • PROTECTS SKIN – The liner works as a barrier between the bra and the skin which protects the skin from chafing as the bra does not rub directly on it. It also reduces the chances of under breast rash and bacterial growth and stops stopping sweat odors.
  • SAVES YOUR BRA – It saves your bras from chafing and your white bras stay White! As your bra does not have to absorb sweat, therefore, it extends the life of your favorite bras.
  • EASY TO USE – You have to just peel the strip, stick the liner on the bra ends and properly fold over the underwire. To get rid of it, just peel it from your bra and dispose it.
  • NEW LARGER SIZE – It is available in larger sizes that fits bra cup DD/E and DDD/F. The standard size liners fit perfect for Cup Sizes A to E, but it depends on the brand. Moreover larger size liners are more absorbent than the standard size liner.

Other traditional ways to deal with under breast sweat are –

Antiperspirants-  to deal with sweat and the stink. It is proven that antiperspirants help in reducing sweat. Thus all you have to do is rub the antiperspirant stick under your boobs to reduce sweating.

Baby powder we have been using talcum and baby powders(often cornstarch) for ages to reduce the sweating or rashes and chafing caused by sweating. All you have to be sure of is that you  have dried the under breast area properly before applying Talcum/Baby powder.

Argan Oil- some say it the best way to reduce sweating under the breast area and also helps in reducing existing irritation or itchiness. Just take few drops of Argan oil in your hand rub it under your breast area and cleavage but make sure you have washed and dried your skin properly.

Using Panty liners– A very popular use of panty liners is to use them as under breast pads. Just stick them inside your bra and let them absorb all the sweat. This is discrete and stays in place as it sticks to the bra. You can change the liners as and when required.

Summer Bra- you should swap to comfortable bras like bralettes, which are made of more breathable fabric. Padded and lacy synthetic bra can create more sweat and irritation in summers.

Foot Cream- You can also use foot cream as an option to reduce the under breast sweat. Foot creams, which are typically meant for athlete’s foot to reduce the fungi and yeast to a minimum as they wear shoes for a long period of time and sweat a lot. It also helps in relieving itchiness and irritation.

Disposable Breast Pads

Disposable breast pads are circular pads made from similar material as sanitary pads. These are also known as nursing pads too. When you are close to the full time of your pregnancy or lactating you will be needing Breast pads to deal with the leakage and to stop the embarrassment of round damp stains on your top.

The key features of Breast pads are-

  • ABSORBENT-They are made from nonwoven material and are super absorbent. Specially made to prevent top and bra stains by absorbing any leakage from breasts.
  • KEEPING SKIN DRY- As breast pads absorb the leakage it keeps skin dry and stops the infestation of bacterias that grows in moist temperature and places.
  • EASY TO USE- The breast pads are slipped between nipple and bra. they come with the adhesive which sticks to the bra and keeps it in place. When it gets damp, you can change it with fresh ones and dump the damp one.
  • THIN AND DISCRETE – The disposable breast pads are very thin, hence no visible outline. It maintains the shape and gives a natural look.


Some factors have been considered to increase breast cancer risk. But as of now, there is no evidence to back the claims that antiperspirants or underwire bras can become the cause of breast cancer. The fear is based on the following concerns:

  • Antiperspirant chemicals are absorbed through the skin which build up in the breast and block the release of toxins when you sweat.
  • Underwire bras cause breast cancer because of improper lymph fluid drainage which can get blocked under the breast.

There is no scientific evidence to support either of these fears as the strongest antiperspirant can not block all perspiration. Sweating isn’t the most only way for your body to release toxins. Most cancer-causing substances are removed through urine.  Whereas there are concerns related to chemicals, such as phthalates and parabens which are used for fragrance and preservation, from a whole list of personal care products (including antiperspirants) being absorbed by the body, these chemicals are more unlikely to be the cause of breast cancer.

All products made from artificial material have their own side effects but none have proved so far, by any research, that they are the cause of breast cancer or any other type of breast ailment. However, all these products need to be used as per individual body, skin type and needs. If you still fear some repercussions please consult your doctor so you can flaunt your breasts and beauty to the world.

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