Here’s What Your Lingerie Preferences Say About You

Lingerie, is it an important part of what you were or just something that you use as a luxury item? Almost everyone has opposing views about what they feel the purpose of a lingerie is. Where some women cannot live without them, others would rather prefer a traditional bra. Some women feel like a lingerie is not a compulsory addition to their wardrobe and we can go on an on about what other women feel. It would be better to show you the same using facts. These facts range from the age factor to what the necessity of a lingerie is.

Importance of Lingerie

How Important Lingerie Is For Women

Like we have already said, women may feel lingerie is important or like it is just an addition to enhance your look if and when you need that oomph factor. Most women, to be exact 45% of them feel that lingerie is very important and should be added as a necessary part of every wardrobe. On the other hand, only 3% of women feel that lingerie is not at all important. These are the women that prefer the comfort of a bra.

Lingerie for different  age groups

Lingerie Interests According To Age Groups

Women of all age groups can enjoy a nice, fancy lingerie. But do all of them love it equally? Obviously not. Out of the women in the age group of 21-30, 46% felt that a lingerie is necessary, in the age group 31-40 only 19% feel like it is essential and 14% from 41-50 age group and so on. This can tell you that the hype of lingerie is most commonly seen in the people of the age group of 21-30 and the same keeps on dying as the age increases.

motivation to buy lingerie

What Motivates Women To Buy A Lingerie

Women are motivated by different factors when it comes to lingerie. The motivators for women to buy lingerie include:

  • Building Self Confidence
  • To Feel Powerful
  • Seduction

Lingerie Color psychology

What Lingerie Color You Wear And What It Says About You

The color of your lingerie can tell a lot about you. You choose different colors depending on how you want to feel about yourself. Where one color may be referred more when you want to look power other might be preferred when you want to look sexy.

Black Color Lingerie

Black is a practical choice, you generally wear black when you want to look clean and polished. The color itself shows ambition, strength and courage. If you prefer a black lingerie, you are most probably characterized as the leader in your relationships.

White Color Lingerie  

Want to enhance your natural beauty? Wear a white lingerie. The colour oozes out calmness, confidence and seriousness. It shows you are loving and caring and can also mean that you are an honest person.

what lingerie color says

Blue Color Lingerie

Blue is identified as the color of pride and uniqueness.  A woman who wears blue is supposed to be romantic and in touch with her emotions.

One thing all women must know is, you are beautiful just like you are. Inner beauty is so much more important. But on days when you forget this, it’s not such a bad thing to use a lingerie to make you feel better. No matter what it is that you want to feel, it is your right to feel that way whether it’s just by yourself or with some help.

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