What Is Your Body Shape and How to Dress According to Body Shape?

Do you know your body well? Do you that you fall under which bodyshape? Do you buy clothes according to your body shape?

If no, then you should definitely put some attempts in recognizing your body.

I am not writing this to tell you that you need to slim down or you need to put on some weight, neither I am body shaming any woman. The sole purpose is to help all the women out there to understand what shape they have and then accordingly invest in clothes that suits them the best.

Dressing according to our shape makes us look more attractive and appealing, we look smart and our confidence level boosts.

And whenever we wear a dress which doesn’t go with our shape, there is always one thought which is flashing at the back of our heads. And that thought is “Am is looking good?”. This mere question can take away all your confidence and appeal.

So to avoid this all, it is important to recognize what shape you are.

Here is a quick guide to various body shapes and types:

Hope this guide was useful. Just measure your body and try to fit yourself into these categories. Whichever is the closest, that is your body shape.

But remember, whatever shape, size or type you fall in, respect your body and love it. Be proud and love yourself.

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