How To Spot Fake Boobs | The Difference Between Fake Breasts and Real Breasts

We’ve all wondered at some point or the other. And with the summer around the corner, or in full force, depending on where you are, you’re going to be seeing a lot more breasts now, than at other points in the year. So how do you tell the real ones from those with implants? You might find yourself on the beach, and a wonderful pair of breasts comes into view, but they seem a little too perfect, if you know what I mean.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, over 300,000 women in America underwent breast surgery, and that figure represents one country! Before we proceed further, I must point out that at no point in this article are we casting any sort of moral judgement on those women who have chosen to go under the knife; each to their own, and who are we to judge anyway!

So now let’s move on to the point of conversation, how do we tell? Some women may have implants and yet might not show any signs of the surgery that took place. Other times, however, it is possible to tell, usually if the surgery was done recently; cutting your body open generally means it is going take some time to heal, and therefore, there is a time window that permits the easier identification of whether or not a woman had surgery done. However, the more time that passes, the more difficult it is to find signs showing that a woman has breast implants, unless the surgery was not performed properly, in which case the scars are most indicative.

1. Too Symmetrical

The human body is never perfect. Though bodies are mainly reflectively symmetrical, they’re never 100 percent fully symmetrical; most natural breasts do not look exactly the same even though they belong to the same woman as natural breasts will typically have slight varying differences. If you’re a woman, and you haven’t noticed this already, next time you’re in front of the mirror, look carefully to determine the difference; they can vary in size, shape, angle etc. As breast implants are man made, they are usually the exact same size and as a result, they usually make breasts look oddly symmetrical.

2. Unnaturally High

Women’s breasts are not an exception to the rule of gravity and as a result, there is a certain amount of sag that occurs in breasts that are natural. The sag of course varies depending on the age of a woman, and also the size of her breasts. Bet you’re glad we have those pesky contraptions called bras don’t you? Breast implants however, are inserted into the chest abnormally high so that they can eventually settle into their place. This process takes over four to six months, and even after that time, once they have fallen into place, breasts that have implants will sit higher than natural ones.

3. Shape

Just as gravity affects how your breasts sit, it also affects their shape! Natural breasts have a somewhat pear shape, because most of the mass accumulates at the bottom, leaving the top part slightly thinner. Breast implants on the other hand, give them a perfect -and unnatural- spherical shape. Basically, if those breasts look like perfectly round balls strapped to a chest, chances are that they are not real.

4. Space Between Breasts

This might not be the easiest to spot, especially because bras squeeze breasts together. However, an average woman with natural breasts will have a distance of approximately two to three inches between her breasts. However, in a lot of cases, breast implants will force the breasts to be closer together, even without the bra. A lot of the time it is simply because of the sheer size of the implants chosen. Naturally, a larger implant will take up more space, therefore making each breast wider on the chest, which reduces the amount of distance between the two.

5. Scars

If the surgery was performed by a not so competent -or certified surgeon- it can leave permanent scars in and around the chest area. Breasts implants are an expensive affair, and unfortunately there are a lot of surgeons that offer the same service for a lesser price. Women who want the same and that are not willing to spend so much, are often victims of a botched surgery; it could range from infection, to visible scarring. If the surgery is carried out properly, it will still leave some scars initially, but will fade away over time.

6. Feel

This should only be attempted if you’re in a position where you’re allowed to test this theory out. Natural breasts are mostly made up of fat and muscle, and are therefore soft and malleable to the touch. Breast implants however – especially if they are cheap – feel harder to the touch than natural breasts. While this might not be an option that’s always available, it is easy to tell in intimate situations.

7. While Lying Down

When a woman lies down, gravity works on her breasts in a different way than it would if she were standing or sitting. Many women feel that when lying down, their breasts look as if they have shrunk; this is because natural breasts distribute their mass across the chest while lying down. Breast implants, however, will remain as they were when the woman was standing- looking perfectly spherical atop her chest, instead of flattening out. So if they retain the same shape while she’s on her back, chances are that they’re not real.

8. Side View

Most of the clues come from the shape of the breast, and a side view of the same is a good indicator. As previously discussed, natural breasts are more pear shaped, with most of their mass accumulating at the bottom because of gravity. This is particularly easy to see from the side: natural breasts look fuller at their base due to the sag. Implants, on the other hand, have just as much volume on the top as they do at the bottom, giving it the look of a perfect curve.

9. Outline

Have you ever seen ads or magazines where a woman’s breasts looks like two, perfectly spherical balloons, having a clearly visible circular border along the top? These are known as 360-degree borders, and can indicate two things- breast implants or photoshop. Natural breasts don’t look like that – unless the woman in wearing a ridiculously high push-up bra. Real breasts are thinner on the top, and therefore don’t have the clearly defined border above. If you can easily trace a perfect circle around the breast, they’re very likely to be fake.

10. Weight Ratio

The human body is a very well designed machine; fat cells are located all over the body, and expand as fat is stored -as opposed to multiplying. If an area contains more fat cells, the body will store more fat there. As breasts are mainly fat, one of the first places women gain weight is in their breasts. Therefore, in the vast majority of cases, larger women have larger breasts and smaller women have smaller breasts. Though it is possible for skinny women to have larger breasts and vice versa, statistically, it is very unlikely. The woman’s body weight ratio is thus a big clue as to whether her breasts are natural or have undergone surgery.

Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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