How To Measure Your Bra Size At Home – The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide

This statistic has been mentioned before, and it shall be mentioned again, to make a point if nothing else: 75-80% of the women who wear bras, wear it in the wrong size! While we hope that this is not true, we have to face some facts. One of which is that our bodies are constantly changing, in as short a time span as a year, especially as our weight fluctuates. It could be a result of a pregnancy, nursing or simply the factor of getting older. So if you feel that your bras are fitting you a little different than they were, and you’re looking for something that is a little bit more your size, we’ve got you covered. We’ve outlined the steps necessary to help you figure out what your correct size is and you can perfectly measure bra size at your home.

measure bra size

Step 1: Measure your band size

While braless or wearing a non-padded bra, measure around the bottom of the band, directly under your bust. The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground and very snug. Once you have your measurement, round it off to the nearest whole number. If the number is even, add four inches. If it’s odd, add five. Your band size is the sum of this calculation. (So if you measured 32 inches, your band size is 36. If you measured 33 inches, your band size is 38.)

Step 2: Measure your cup size

This is where it gets slightly tricky. While wearing a non-padded bra, stand straight with your arms at your sides and measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust (across your nipples preferably), with the tape straight across and around your back. Once you have done this, subtract your band measurement (from step 1) from your bust measurement.

The difference calculates your bra size – each inch represents a cup size. For example, if you measure a 34 inch band size, and a 36 inch cup size, the difference is 2: which would indicate a B cup.

If you’ve managed to do well so far, go and pick out your bra! While you’re at it, here are some more things to keep in mind:

#1. Bend forward at the waist and then hook on your bra, this will ensure that both your breasts are in their respective cups.

#2. Adjust the band so that the back of the bra is level with the front of the bra.

#3. Make sure your bra is not too loose: you should be able to fit only one finger under your band.

#4. Make sure your straps are sitting comfortably.

#5. Pull on a tight fitting t-shirt over your bra; if your breasts bulge or your cups pucker, you’re not wearing the right size.

#6. Look at yourself sideways in the mirror to make sure that your breasts are positioned halfway between your elbows and shoulders. If they aren’t, you need a more supportive bra.

#7. If you need to go down a cup size for fit, go up one band size, and vice versa. For example, if a 34C is too big for you, move to a 36B.

#8. Pick a bra that fits properly when it’s secured on the outermost hook; you should only move on to the other hooks when the outer one is no longer tight enough.

There’s your guide to fitting yourself! Hopefully with some practice and experience, you will be a pro in no time and will definitely be able to tell the difference that it makes to your everyday life. Oh, you’re welcome.

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Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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