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Q. Hi! My name is Ava. I am annoyed with my bra straps that keep falling down, is anyone else facing the same problem? Is there a way to prevent the same?

Hi Ava. That’s pretty common. The shape of your shoulders are more often than not the reason for this; women who have slopey and narrower shoulders often find that the straps are harder to keep in place. We have explained it further in this post. Hope it helps!

Q. This is Chloe from Georgia. First of all i would like to say that I like your blog. I have read the recent posts and they were quiet useful. Here I have a question for you. Whenever I purchase a set of lingerie, it doesn’t fit perfectly. How can i perfectly measure the size of bra all by myself without needing a third person?

Hi Chloe! Thanks for reaching out. This is a common issue we come across everyday. Moreover, i would like to tell you that 75-80% of the women who wear bras, wear it in the wrong size! Back to your question now. If you want to measure the bra size at home. You should consider these two simple steps. Measure your 1) band size 2) cup size.  For the first one, measure around the bottom of the band, directly under your bust. The measuring tape should be parallel to the ground and very snug. And for the latter – stand straight with your arms at your sides and measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust (across your nipples preferably), with the tape straight across and around your back. If you want to explore the details, you can also check our guide to bra measurement.


Q. What if i choose not to wear bra while sleeping, i know it will be comfortable but is there any issues with breast shape one should be considering, specially a healthy person?

Hi! It’s a really nice question. One thing that everybody agrees on is that here is no conclusive evidence that sleeping in bras is either helpful or harmful. To address one of the main points of concern- sagging- could be a result of a number of factors; pregnancy and breastfeeding being the most common causes, along with time and gravity.

You should take into consideration the size of your breasts. If you’re on the smaller size, say an A-cup or B-cup, you’re good to sleep without a bra. However, if your breasts are bigger than a D- Double-D and up- it is advisable to sleep with the additional support. Women with larger busts might need a bra, either to help with the pain when they sleep, or in the case of others, for some additional support. You may refer the article, Sleeping In Bra for further detailed.


Q. I am a married woman. I am expecting a baby soon. I need a suggestion. What would be the important thing i should consider wearing a bra after delivery? Anything specific? – Addison from West Virginia.

First of all congratulations Addison! We understand the confusions that must be going on in you mind. We have written an article regarding the need of wearing a maternity bra in our blog which you may find useful.


Q. I live in pg, I wash my clothes using a washing machine. One issue is with the bras, they get messed up in machine. and i think everyone is facing the same issue. My friend advised me to change the washing powder. no help there! My mom told me to hand wash them.  I don’t want to do that. Your take on this?

This is a universal problem faced by almost every girl out there. We know that these days nobody has enough time to hand wash as the life is fast paced be it accelerated by Colleges, work institutions, hang outs Or other stuff. Here are few important tips that you may consider.

1. Your mom is right! Delicate clothing need a delicate detergent.

2. Lower the speed of rotation the better it is. The idea is to cause less stress and abrasion. Make it gentle, make it delicate.

3. It is advisable to put your bras into a net bag and then put it in washing machine for washing. It helps to prevent tangling etc.

The detailed explanation is given in this article.  Hope it helps!


Q. What if do not know if the bra i am wearing a perfect fit? How to judge? – from Kentucky

Hello! This is the most asked query we receive on our website on daily basis. You know 80% of us are wearing wrong bras. Crazy right? So our team at Talking Bra tried to compile all the issues regarding the bra fitting in one post. Here’s the link Bra fitting problems and solutions. After reading this article, we hope you will get all your answers. All the best!


Q. Are visible bra straps common in public places. Is there a solution to this if i need one like a permanent solution?

Yes it is. The shape of your shoulders is the most likely cause for this. If this isn’t the case, maybe your straps are just loose! As simple as this may sound, most women forget to tighten the straps of their bras regularly (or ever) and over time, through the stretching of the fabric, your straps are bound to get looser. Don’t be lazy, tighten them up!

Adjust the bands so that they sit comfortably on your shoulders and make sure the cups and the band are in place.  Now try any movement (pretend to pick up something off the ground) you can think of that typically causes your bra straps to slide.  If the straps stay in place after putting them through their paces, you’ll be unlikely to experience any problems during your day-to-day activities.


Q. I want to thank talking bra team for these useful articles. You saved my time searching for these frequent inquiries. See i am coming straight to the point- bra are expensive these days.  After what time, one should consider buying a new bra. Kindly answer.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. Let’s come to your query, there are two aspects to it.

1. how many bras you should own.

2. When you should stop using your old bra and buy a new one (how often you should buy a bra).

Regarding the first point, it depends on how you take care of your lingerie. I mean due to sweat, oil and dirt, the elasticity breaks down. If wash them often, you need not to buy more bra but if you wash them once a week, you should add more to your closet.

Referring to the second point, the shelf-life of a bra is typically 8 to 9 months. Post this, the elastic of the band is going to get compromised and in all probability is not going to give you the support that you need. Rotating your bras ensure that they stay with you longer.

Hope you get your answer!


Q. Is my bra responsible for rashes?

Possible. The fabric of bra might be responsible for rashes. A good quality fabric can certainly help. Our second tip would be- wash your bra often or if daily washing is not an option for you, add more bras to your closet. Avoid wearing same bra daily.


Q. Why it is important for me to buy a sports bra? Is is a necessity?

Wearing a sports bra while working out is really crucial. Despite the fact that they make your breasts look attractive and provide a perfect shape to them- they are also an important part of your workout wardrobe! If there is one thing that you should spend your money on, apart from sneakers or headphones, is definitely a good sports bra. Check out why:


Q. When should i consider wearing a bra? and one more thing how would i know if you or your team has responded to my query?


Q. I want to ask if wearing different types of bra changes breast shape? Expecting a reply soon.