5 Effective Sagging Breast Solutions

A female breast is made up of fat, ligaments and glands that produce milk. These glands and tissues are covered with skin which is flexible naturally due to the presence of a protein called elastic. Breasts lack muscle tissue and when the elasticity of breast tissue is put under pressure, breasts tend to sag.

Sagging of breast happens to most women at the same stage. Sagging of breast usually occurs in adulthood. While in some teenage girls who have large breasts, might also notice sagging.

Causes of sagging breast-

Smoking is one of the factors that causes sagging of breast. Excessive smoking breaks down the plastic which is present in the breast and decreases the elasticity of the skin. This, in turn, causes sagging of breast. Pregnancy also causes sagging of breast, as the size of breast changes as women undergo pregnancy. Aging, as a woman gets older, the ligaments lose elasticity. This results in diminishing of fat from breasts. Lack of supportive Bras fails to maintain breast shape and lift. Sudden weight gain or loss, fluctuations in weight causes unnecessary stretching of the breasts. Shedding excessive weight or gaining weight may cause your breast to droop. Lack of vitamin C and B causes of sagging of breast too. Just like the skin, breast tissue needs Vitamin C and B to build supportive tissues.

grades of saggy breast

Grades of Sagging breast-

Grade 1 (mild ptosis)- The nipple is at the same level as an inframammary crease.

Grade 2 (moderate ptosis)- The nipple is situated below the inframammary crease. The tissue of lower breast hangs below the level of the nipple.

Grade 3 (advanced ptosis)-  The nipple is below the inframammary crease and the position of nipple is at the maximum level breast projection.

Grade 4 (severe ptosis)- The nipple is much below the inframammary crease. The position of nipple is at the maximum breast level projection.

prevent breast sagging

Sagging Breast Solutions and Prevention

Breast is made up of soft, glandular tissue and does not contain muscular tissues. Growing age, pregnancy, weight fluctuations and breastfeeding are some of the reasons that cause saggy breasts. There are number of effective measures and solutions which can help you lift up your breasts in a short period of time.

  1. The right choice for a bra-

As a matter of surprise, 80% of women choose the wrong size of their bras. Besides, the size of the breast of a women changes many times during their lifespan due to fluctuation in weight. Your body changes when you gain weight or lose weight and pregnancy is another reason why the body size changes. Choosing the right bra is very important as it gives the perfect fit and lifts up the breast. Choose the right bra by measuring your cup size. The more your boobs bounce, the more stressed your skin becomes. You can also feel sore in your neck, shoulders and back. A perfect bra is not only comfortable but it also stops the sagging of breasts.

A perfect t-shirt bra gives perfect comfort and support to your breasts. A T-shirt bra is must for women with heavy boobs as these bras provide the natural lift to breasts.

The Plunge bras are another type of bra which can deal with sagging breasts. The v-shaped neckline is produced by them and give a push to the breasts to the center of cleavage. plunge bras.

  1.  Massage with Olive oil-

Olive oil is the best massage oil to tighten breasts. It is an effective oil with high nutritional values. It helps in nourishing the skin and act as a massaging agent. When the tissues of breasts become dry, they start losing their shapes. The fatty acids of olive oil get combined with antioxidants produced naturally by you, and you can get your elastic skin back. You can massage your breasts every day with olive oil. Pour some olive oil onto your palms and start massaging your breasts in an upward direction. This will increase the blood circulation and reduce sagging of breasts.

  1. Cucumber and Egg yolk mask-

Mix cucumber and egg yolk mask to tighten your breasts in the simplest way. Egg yolk mask contains crucial vitamin and proteins while cucumber has the power to tone up your skin. Egg white contains hydro-lipids and astringent to lift the saggy breasts. The mixture of both cucumber and egg yolk white work well to treat the sagging of breasts. Apply the pack when it is warm but not very hot. Let it sit for 30 minutes. Applying the mixture egg yolk mask once a week will reduce sagging of breasts.

  1. Exercise and Yoga-

One of the best ways to treat sagging breasts is through exercises. The most popular and end easiest exercise to do is push-ups, which strengthens the muscles beneath the breasts. Push-ups helps to shape up the breasts. Lifting weights can also strengthen muscles including chest presses, arm curls and dumbbell flys. Another exercise that helps your breasts from sagging is lying down on the mat and add dumbbell weight to your muscles. Yoga is the primary mechanism for toning the breasts. Some of the best postures to treat sagging muscles are the- Cobra pose, Triangle pose, and Standing forward bend. Do yoga regularly. A proper posture will help your breasts look firmer and higher.

  1. Essential oils-

    essential oils

Carrot oil, cypress oil, Fennel oil,  Spearmint oil and Lemongrass oil are some of the essential oils that can help treat the sagging breasts. Massage these oils onto your breasts in a circular motion. The rubbing creates warmth and this will increase the blood through. The tissues become strong and muscles become elastic again. But, do not use more than 2 drops as they are very strong and cause a burning sensation.


As a female goes through different stages of life, her breasts change naturally. Over time breasts sag and the fall is inevitable. As women age, their skin loses its elasticity and the weight of the breasts pull down on the skin. The breasts are naturally fighting gravity therefore, they are pulled downwards with time. So try out simple solutions to keep up the best shape of breasts. But one thing that should be kept in mind that women should look beyond the social pressures of body image and focus on maintaining overall body health. This will highly impact breast health too.

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