The Best Sleeping Positions When You’ve Got Big Boobs

Yes, you get those nice stares all day long (really?) but at the end of the day when you are looking for a comfortable sleep, those big boobs sometimes cause trouble in multiple ways.

It becomes important to adjust your sleeping position if you face discomfort in dozing off.

This topic is bit subjective as the sleeping positions actually vary a lot at individual level.
So, for this we took feedback from our 120000 subscribers on how they manage this problem if they are facing it, We got a healthy response from our base and the following 3 options stood out. Let’s look at them.

sleeping position on your back

1. Laying on your back
The most obvious one and the most comforting one also.
Studies have proved this to be the best sleeping position and it is even a better sleeping position for women with big boobs.

It is just that we have ruined our postures, that is why we face difficulty in falling asleep in this position.

sleeping position side

2. On your Side

Does this also seems obvious? But it comes with a twist.
Use a Pregnancy pillow under your bust, this will give extra effort required to support your bust and thereby getting rid of pain and sprains. We just got to know that this also helps in better blood circulation, Give it a shot.

sleeping position face down

3. Tummy down, Back up

Let your boobs get some rest against the bed and experience all the support they want.
Doctors say this sleeping position is good for metabolism, this should be an added advantage of this sleeping position for women with big boobs along with getting proper support system.

Big boobs Big boobs Big boobs, Damn.
With every Boon, there comes a curse as well.

Life is complicated, your bra should not be!

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