Types Of Bras Every Woman Should Own

Have you ever changed your entire outfit because your bra wasn’t going with it? Or you didn’t buy that amazing backless top because you didn’t know what type of bra to wear? Well if the answer is a yes then don’t feel embarrassed or don’t worry, a majority of women out there have faced this situation at least once in their lives. It is very common that women wear wrong bras, in fact, 85% of women wear a wrong bra and are unaware of it.

The main reason behind it is that women lack the knowledge about the various types and options of bras available for different kinds of dresses in the market. Every type of bra is made for a special type of top or dress. Each and every bra has a purpose, which is to resolve attire related issues. Backless, halter neck, cold shoulder, tube, deep necks, all these types of dresses and tops can’t be worn on a same type of bra because that won’t be appropriate. Just imagine wearing a sports bra beneath a saree or a seamless bra with deep necks, sounds bizarre, right! Because that will spoil the whole look. Here are the various types of bra that every girl should own and these will also prevent you from not buying that favorite backless top next time.

seamless bra


These come in demi and full coverage depending on your preference. These bras are most suitable to wear beneath a t-shirt as there are no lines of the seam or no visible joints. Basically, the problem where those embarrassing lines which show up when we wear a tight t-shirt get resolved with this bra. These come is both padded and non -padded options.

push up bra


A push-up bra is a demi cup bra and the purpose of it is to lift the boobs and bring them to the center for creating a sexy cleavage. Push up bra comes in two options: one is with prominent paddings and the other is with removable paddings which you can take out to decrease the attention from your breasts according to the need. Push up bras are mostly preferred by women with small boobs and asymmetrical breasts.



As the name suggests these bras have removable straps hence they are called convertible bras. You can remove the straps and make them strapless one and when you need that extra support or when your attire allows you can just attach those straps back and it becomes a normal bra. It is padded and underwired because lots of support is needed in a strapless bra. It is best suited for tubes, halter necks and cold shoulder dresses and tops.

sports bra


When we are performing some labor-intensive activities like playing, exercising, gymming, running, etc. our breasts require lots of support and for that purpose, sports bras are designed. These are full coverage bras which not only covers the boobs but also cover the entire bust and the back, this provides lots of external support to our breasts, chest, and shoulder. This way the pressure on the breast gets reduced during the activity. These Can be worn beneath a t-shirt or this can be worn solely as it provides enough coverage.

adhesive bra


These are silicon-based coverage for the boobs. With the help of silicon and suction technology, these stick to the breasts and covers the front portion of the boobs. This type of bra is amazing to be worn beneath backless tops and dresses as nothing is there on the back of this bra and the overall look of the attire is maintained.

deep plunge bra


These are padded and broad kind of bra. It comes in both strapless and with strap options. It has long deep ‘U’ cut in between which makes it the most suitable type of bra when you have to wear a plunging and deep neck tops and dresses.

So these were the types of bras that all women should own. These will be suitable beneath all your clothes and you won’t have to worry about choosing your outfit the next time because of your bra.

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