Ultimate Guide To Buying Wedding Lingerie

It’s your big day! Congratulations! Amidst all the planning- outfits, venue, guests, decorations- some important things are given a miss. Yes, I’m talking about the lingerie. After all, it’s your day, so why shouldn’t you go the extra mile and make sure that everything you have on is the best? Wedding lingerie is about more than just making the new husband’s jaw drop, it’s about feeling your best on the inside and outside; and we all know the wonders a good lingerie set can do for your confidence. When one thinks about wedding lingerie, it’s the stereotypical pieces that come to mind- stockings, garters, corsets, what have you. While these are the basis of what your lingerie will consist of, there are a lot of variations and options that are now available and with a little bit of research- which we’re going to be helping you with- you’ll hopefully have everything that you need before you say I Do! Before we get down to the specifics, let’s cover the basics first:

When to Buy:

  • You should start shopping for your lingerie after your first dress/outfit fitting, once you have figured out the size and style, so that you can better understand what your lingerie requirements are.
  • Ideally buy your lingerie before your final dress fitting to ensure that it offers the support and fit that you want.
  • If your dress is very fitted check that there is room for a bra underneath, especially if your bra is lightly padded. Some dresses, especially strapless ones, come with an in built bra. If it’s an indian wedding, your choli will most likely have a light padding to take the place of a bra.  
  • If your dress needs taking in, wear your underwear during the fitting to ensure that any amendments allow room for your bra.
  • A wedding is one of the biggest occasions in someone’s life, and we all want to look our best; bear in mind that last-minute weight changes can significantly affect how lingerie fits. We suggest buying lingerie from a company with a flexible returns policy so if you require a different size nearer the big day, you can exchange it. Chances are that your lingerie will be expensive, so you don’t want the money to go to waste!

What style?

The type of bra that you choose will determine how comfortable you are on your big day, therefore it is essential to make sure that you understand what your options are. After all, nobody wants a pokey underwire to get in the way of having a good time! On most days, bras are a necessity, but what’s the function of the bra on the wedding day? Usually, bras are worn to dress shopping and fittings, and it is suggested that after the final fitting, the bra be built into your outfit of choice. However, for some dresses -and some budgets- this may not be the case. You should then consider a bra, bustier or corselette as a good bridal option, depending on the style of your outfit.

  • Outfit with straps: If you’re keeping yourself relatively covered, and your shoulders are mostly covered, then we recommend sticking with what you know best: your basic bra. However, just because it’s basic doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be fabulous! It should have minimal wiring and boneing; that is both for comfort reasons and because you want the least lining showing through your dress. Your overall look will definitely be spoilt if you have unnecessary seams showing through your outfit.
  • Backless:
    Figuring out how to make the backless dress work for you can be an exhausting ordeal. As gorgeous as the look is, it comes with a price; gravity works against you. Luckily it’s 2017, and with the amount of engineering that goes into the manufacturing of bras, there are ones out there that can help support, and cover up, with minimal lining. That being said, due to the weight and volume of fuller busts we generally recommended wearing a double-strap bra or a multi-way bra. If this is not suitable for your dress however, you may find sufficient support from either a corseted dress or sturdy basque. If you want to try a multiway bra however, we recommend testing the comfort of the bra for a day in advance of the wedding, to check how comfortable and supportive it is, as it might take some getting used to, especially if you haven’t worn one before.
  • Strapless:
    Strapless wedding dresses are still the most popular choice among brides across the world. A lot of Indian brides have been opting for strapless blouses as well, as it gives the outfit a slightly modern look. If this is your style of choice, then we would suggest a smooth, completely unadorned strapless bra in a light shade of nude. Seamless styles with a light lining of silicone strips on the inside help to keep the bra in place and invisible under the dress. This is one style where a bustier or corset may also be an option; it will structure, cinch, and boost your bust to perfection, giving you a great shape, while also ensuring that you have the right amount of support. They also add a touch of retro romance with their elongated shape, structure, and boneing.   


The last thing you want peeking out from underneath your dress is some cheeky lines! Most importantly, you don’t want any embarrassing panty lines. While they really are the most comfortable, if there’s ever a reason to kick the cotton knickers and the granny panties, and go for something a little more bare-bottom, this is it! However, remember that feeling good is the most essential part of this experience; choose wisely: a panty that fits well, makes you feel sexy, and keeps those lines to a literal bare-minimum is going to be your best friend on your wedding day. Things are ideal for most dresses, especially if they are narrow or fitted, or if the fabric of your dress is even slightly clingy -like a silk, or a thin cotton. However, if thongs are not a regular part of your wardrobe, and wearing one makes you uncomfortable then a nude, seamless panty, with a slightly high waist and coverage on the hips can be both comfortable and slimming.  


We all know the tradition of wearing a garter underneath your wedding dress and the tradition of your groom throwing it to his unmarried male guests. It’s a particularly exciting part of the ceremony, so it makes sense that this piece of lingerie is extra special. Hopefully, it will be the only piece that all your guests will see, after all, it’s not a free peep show! Try not to go for something too sexy, you really should save that for your wedding night. Instead, keep this garment in line with the theme of the rest of your wedding dress: simple and elegant.  

Shapewear is often a popular choice for bridal lingerie as it helps to create a beautiful and streamlined silhouette underneath your dress, and works for a variety of dress styles. If you have a fitted dress then wearing a basque or slipdress will help to smooth over any unwanted lumps or bumps and create the illusion of an hourglass figure. If you are larger busted then a basque will also help to lift your bust and create a more secure fit, making sure that your girls stay in place. However, if you are considering shapewear, make sure to buy one that ends at an optimal place, so as to not peep out from under your outfit, depending on the style of the same. Control pants are a great option as well, especially if you are conscious about your tummy area. They are specifically designed to suck you in at all the right places and create a smoother silhouette underneath your dress. There are a lot of myths about how uncomfortable control pants can be to wear, but as long as you get the right size and style they will feel absolutely fine.  

Things to Remember:

  • Don’t be skimpy: This piece of advice applies to the lingerie and the price tag! And while it might be tempting to go all in an buy something that is racy, for the sake of being sexy, keep in mind that you don’t have to resort to what the media tells you. Less isn’t always more in this case. We would suggest going for something that is sophisticated- fishnet stockings and jersey material are out of the question. This is one of the few times where you can justify spending big money on a lingerie set, so make sure to spend wisely!
  • Make it special: Comfort is key and no matter the situation, we are always going to suggest going for the option that ensures that. That being said, a floor length nightgown, no matter how great it is, is not going to give you the reaction that you’re looking for. So depending on what your preferences are- and being a seductress isn’t everyone’s cup of tea- look for the sexy version of the same! Something satiny, silky or lacy (or all of the above!) is what we would definitely recommend.
  • Be bold and adventurous: This is your night to shine! Leave your inhibitions at the door and make sure to play out all the fantasies that you have had; this is your (and his) night girl. And nobody puts on a corset on their wedding night to sleep in, trust me, you’ll wake up blue in the face if you try. This lingerie is meant to be unique, for one night only, not practical, so don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone and opt for something a little spicy like that teddy in the store window or the lingerie set you would not wear otherwise.
  • Beyond white: Yes, white is generally the colour of choice when it comes to deciding lingerie, but what most people are not aware of is that a cream or a nude would be a better option, as white tends to stand out against the fabric. There is definitely a certain appeal to white lingerie, but there is a whole universe of bridal lingerie that comes in other colours; ivory, blacks and reds are a great option for the wedding night. And besides, who says you need only one? If you want to wear a white set during the ceremony and change into something a little different later, there’s nothing stopping you from doing so!  
  • Designer: Yes, it’s probably going to be more expensive than the collection that you find in your local lingerie store, but the price tag is worth it. Not only do you need to be comfortable, you need to make sure you feel your sexiest possible. And that is most likely to happen if you spend a couple of extra bucks ensuring that the fit and material is just the way you need it to be.  

One last thing! As Murphy’s Law states: If anything needs to go wrong, it will. So make sure to carry a backup (or two) just in case something happens to your preferred set. It’s a good idea to have a couple of pairs of stockings on hand, if you’re using them, because they have a tendency to tear at the most inopportune of times. The same applies to underwear as well; keep another pair on hand just in case. And finally, the lingerie shopping does not end here; you also have your honeymoon to think of! And that is the time to splurge on all the sexy outfits that you’ve come across online or seen in store windows, and wondered if you would ever have a use for them. Well, now you do! We hope this guide has served you well, and that lingerie is not something that will be a cause for concern, so all that’s left to do now is make sure you have a great wedding!

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