To Wear Or Not To Wear

For many years, women have grown up believing that bras are the utmost part of a woman’s wardrobe. However, a number of recently conducted studies suggest that bras might not be of any use after all. Before we get to the studies, let’s first try listing out all the uses of a bra (at least the ones relevant according to me) –

1)      Nipple masking

2)      Cleavage showing

3)      Some clothes require a bra to be worn underneath to look better

4)      For support whilst walking/running/exercising

5)      Combating backache for busty women

6)      Absorbing under-boob sweat

Now that that’s covered, you might have noticed that a few points a missing. One of them would be – To prevent sagging breasts. That’s because wearing bras actually do nothing to help stop them from sagging.

Breasts are made up of fat, milk producing glands and connective tissue. With age, the milk producing glands turn to fat as well. The only things holding up breasts are muscles in the chest and skin. Women are only strictly advised to wear bras during exercise or intensive walking, basically activities that can cause the skin to pull and thus speeding up the sagging process.

A recent study conducted in France, spanning over a period of 15 years, came up with some surprising results. The study was conducted on 300 women, all falling in the age group of 18 to 35. The study was aimed to study the true benefits of wearing a bra (if any) in the long term.

According to the study, wearing a bra has no real benefits in the long term. In fact, the sample of women who were bra less developed stronger muscles, enhancing a more natural means of support. The bra less women also seemed to have considerably higher nipples compared to their bra-wearing counterparts. The research study concluded that wearing a bra actually hampers natural tissue and muscle growth making one’s breasts grow dependent on bras. This means that bras could actually accelerate sagging of the breasts.

However, the study also mentioned in a side note that these results may not hold true for all women and not to discard the bras just yet. Like mentioned above, wearing bras during exercise is of utmost importance.

This study is one of the first of its kind from many more to come in the future. So to wear or not to wear is purely your choice, ladies. But don’t fear to bare the nipple if that’s what you’ve been thinking for a while now.

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