Weirdest Bras To Leave You Shocked

A bra is like a good friend to women. They provide support and are also close to the heart of women. There are various styles of bras which comes in different kinds of fabrics and also are available in unlimited colors. All these make bras an important piece of clothing. Bras just not only supports the breasts but also increases the level of sexiness one possesses. A right kind of bra worn at the right occasion beneath the correct type of attire makes you look very attractive and sexy. Lace, satin, crochet, all of them make ladies look like goddesses.

There are lots of brands which are only dedicated to making the best lingerie for women.

Now enough with sexiness, hotness, and attractiveness. Let’s talk about the other side of bras. The side which may or may not be attractive but is definitely weird. Let’s discuss the weirdest bras that are available around the world today. You’ll sure be shocked after looking at some of them:


Well, considering the protection women need today, it is kind of a perfect bra. Just carry your gun wherever you want. Well, this bra was actually invented for security reasons only. The idea was that this bra will give a concealed place to women where they can keep a gun for there safety.


Since technology is touching skies, integrating it with bra sounds cool right? Well, there is actually a bra that uses technology. A smart bra keeps a track of the heartbeat of the wearer and syncs it with the Bluetooth app. When the heartbeat will increase a certain level that will indicate that the woman wearing it is in love and the bra clasp will unhook itself. This will make the woman ready for some sexy love making times. And the award for the weirdest concept goes to the smart bra.


Again something which was invented for the safety of women. The idea was developed by students of some Indian university after a shocking Delhi rape case came to light. After a certain pressure is felt by the breast, the bra releases a 3800-kilovolt electric shock to the attacker and also it sends the GPS location of the victim to the emergency contacts. This is actually a good idea.


Yes, you read it right. A bra that is also a container in which you can store wine. Well, it sounds bizarre and also it is a ridiculous concept. There are bags of shapes of the cups which when filled makes the appearance of the cups two sizes bigger. It is accompanied by a tube which has a valve attached that prevents leakage. Also, the wine bags are watertight. The company which manufactures this bra also makes such a product for men as well and that is a beer belly.


The eco globe bra has been made in order to promote the safety of the environment and usage of products that are biodegradable and environmentally safe. This bra is made of corns, hems, and recycled paper. When the cups join each other it forms a globe which fits in the palm. I am wondering how is it really promoting the idea of being environment friendly?

So these were few bras which are weird as hell. I hope you don’t own any of these. 😛

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